Storm Protection Services

Hurricanes and severe Tropical Storms are an unavoidable part of life here in the Florida Keys. Before & after these events, Keyswatch Residential Services receives calls from our clients asking us to check their property’s security and report any damages after, which were especially numerous and extensive after Hurricanes Wilma and Irma. Clients with damages have had to deal with many issues including:

  • Time period between event and when the owner was able to travel to or access property was so long that mold, moisture intrusion, corrosion, pests, and other damages became much worse and exponentially more costly during that period.
  • Identifying and scheduling licensed professional contractors, vendors, and service repairmen.
  • Owners not able to meet contractors when scheduled.
  • Contractor and materials price gouging.
  • Poor quality workmanship and no shows.
  • Difficulty getting insurance claims approved – Insurance companies may require documented proof that your property is being watched when you are away for extended periods of time. Our Home Watch and Storm Inspection Reports are time stamped with GPS location coordinates.

Keyswatch Residential Services reviews your current storm preparation procedures and consults with you to make any adaptations necessary. We offer the following services:

  • Storm Preparation – On the onset of Hurricane Season we install and/or close all window and door shutters. Remove all outdoor furniture, fixtures, and trash receptacles to designated locations and any other items based on your requirements.
  • Pre Storm Inspections – A complete inspection of your property inside and out, to be sure your home is secure and as safe as possible prior to an event. We email an instant report, including photographs while still on-site.
  • Post Storm Inspections – As soon as possible when access is available after an event we conduct our inspection and photograph and report any damages instantly. If needed, we will work with you using our Repair Management and Keyholder Services to get any repairs completed efficiently and quickly.
  • Repair Management Services – Keyswatch Residential Services will schedule, meet, and monitor activities of licensed professional contractors, service providers, and tradesmen for any repairs or projects you require. We will provide regular reports, including photos, to document progress at your request.

Note: Services above are subject to restrictions based on time allowed before an event and/or access to a location after, Evacuations and/or infrastructure damage may cause access delays. We provide our services in order on a first call, first serve basis as soon as access is available.

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