Our Services

Home Watch Service – A comprehensive visual inspection of buildings and grounds: Standard package includes two visits per month or weekly. A GPS location, time stamped Checklist Report, including photos, will be emailed while still on-site, providing 100% assurance that your property is being monitored while you are away. Inspections include: 


  • Check locks and condition of all windows, doors, garage doors, and screens.
  • Check all outdoor plumbing water sources for leakage.
  • Discard junk mail or fliers left on your property.
  • Inspect grounds to make sure all contracted yard and pool maintenance is being done.
  • Visual check of pool water condition and pump functionality.
  • Visually inspect landscaping for problems with the irrigation system and drainage.
  • Inspect dock and boat area.
  • Inspect exterior for mold, insects and pest infestation.
  • Check entire property for signs of intrusion, vandalism or foul play.
  • Check that trash and yard waste is being picked up properly and receptacles are stored where they belong.


  • Assure alarm systems are set and working properly.
  • Run water in all sinks/tubs, and flush all toilets.
  • Visually check all water usage systems for leakage under sinks, ceilings, and all appliances.
  • Inspect air conditioning units. Insure all are working properly, check for any leakage, and confirm thermostats are set to client’s specifications for temperature and humidity.
  • Check that refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, and any other appliances are operating properly.
  • Inspect interior for mold, insects and pest infestation.
  • Inspect all breaker panels for tripped circuits.
  • Check home for any water intrusion.
  • Test lights and fans.


Storm Preparation On the onset of Hurricane season we install and/or close all window and door shutters. Remove all outdoor furniture, fixtures, and trash receptacles to designated locations and any other items based on your requirements. We also recommend shutting off indoor water main while you are away.

Pre Storm Inspections – A complete customized inspection of your property inside and out, to be sure your home is secure and as safe as possible prior to an event. We email an instant report, including photos while still on-site.

Post Storm Inspections – As soon as possible when access is available after an event we conduct our inspection and photograph and report any damages instantly. If needed, we will work with you using our Repair Management and Keyholder Services to get any repairs completed efficiently and quickly.

Note: Storm Protection Services are subject to restrictions based on time allowed before an event and/or access to a location after. Evacuations and/or infrastructure damage may cause access delays. We are therefore limited to the amount of clients we can accommodate for these services. Please contact us immediately if interested in these services!

Keyholder Service – Keyswatch Residential Services keeps secured, coded copies of your keys and/or entry codes for your protection and security. We are then available to perform the following:

  • Meet, open, and monitor, activities of service providers, contractors, and deliveries.
  • Allow access to anyone whom client does not want to issue a key.
  • Check on your home while you are away or Home Watch service.
  • Meet a friend or guest, or renter to begin and/or end their stay.
  • Check on a guest or family member.
  • Any other situation that requires entry to your home.


Repair Management Services – Keyswatch Residential Services will identify, schedule, meet, and monitor activities of reliable licensed professional contractors, service providers, and tradesmen for any repairs or projects you require.

House Cleaning Services – Keyswatch Residential Services will clean your house while you are here on a regular weekly or bi-weekly schedule, or based on your needs

House Preparation for Arrival – We can welcome you back and prepare your home as if you never left.

  • Open/remove all hurricane shutters. Open drapes and curtains.
  • Clean and freshen house for your arrival.
  • Turn on main water supply, run all faucets and flush all toilets.
  • Re-power water heater.
  • Reset air conditioning systems to your live-in specifications.
  • Set up all stored outdoor furniture, grill, etc.
  • Restock you home with groceries and supplies per your order.
  • Inspect landscape and arrange for your service provider to have ready for arrival if needed.

House Preparation for Departure – All you have to pack and leave. Keyswatch Residential Services will do the rest providing the following services based on your needs.

  • Close/install all hurricane shutters during hurricane season.
  • Lock and secure all windows and doors.
  • Turn off main water supply, turn off water heater, and de-pressure all faucets.
  • Store outdoor or patio furniture per your instructions.
  • Discard all perishable food items.
  • Insure all trash and recyclables are picked up and receptacles returned to property.
  • Deep clean entire house.

Generator Monitoring

  • Start and run generator.
  • Inspect for corrosion, any leakage, damages or irregularities.
  • Inspect for insects and pest infestation.

Boat Monitoring – This service is available for boats 26’ and under.

  • Check batteries and charging system.
  • Check shore power cord.
  • Inspect bilge.
  • Check that any and all dock lines are tied and set properly for tide variation.
  • Inspect hull, deck and cabin (if applicable) for any leakage, damages or irregularities.
  • Inspect for insects and pest infestation.
  • Run engines if desired.
  • Assure that lift and/or davits are secure and functioning properly.
  • Inspect or check any other systems as per your specifications.

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Our company uses business management software provided by Home Watch IT.  The reports we send you are all professionally produced by us, using software that captures the GPS coordinates as well as the time and date that corresponding to the report’s creation.  You have infallible evidence that your home was visited should you ever have an insurance claim or other need.